Estethic Dentistry

For the best and most permanent results, the technique of home whitening is preferable. After the acquisition of the individual splint, you will be instructed how to use it and avoid potential side effects. With the help of a modern lamp for teeth whitening, the result will already be evident after a half-hour of whitening.

Composite fillings

Due to its poor esthetic and biomechanical characteristics, amalgam is not used in our practice. Teeth-colored materials are used today even for the side teeth in the form of direct fillings, inlays and onlays. After the color matching and copying of all particularities, you will be surprised with the esthetic and functional results after only one visit.

Teeth whitening

In the world today, teeth whitening is one of the most frequent dental procedures for adults. It is carried out with a few different methods divided into clinical and home whitening. It is very important that it is carried out under a dentist’s supervision. By becoming familiar with the nature of your coloration and the target nuance, we shall decide which method would be most suitable for you. We shall carefully discuss all the options and familiarize you with the advantages of the chosen method.