Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

When the possibilities of conservative therapy are exhausted, the only solution for the preservation of teeth remains a surgical intervention called the Apicoectomy. Sometimes the procedure is indicated as pre-prosthetic preparation for the optimum denture acceptance or shortening of the attachment of the labial and lingual frenulum. Other times, for successful orthodontic therapy the fibrotic frenulum should be removed, and this process is called the frenulectomy. If you have a pronounced phobia of oral surgery, certain interventions are possible with analgesia as well. Removing the implanted wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure and is significantly different from the regular removal of teeth. Post-operative complications are possible.

In order to avoid them, it is necessary to follow the given instructions:

  • Wound healing and level of pain is individual and varies from case to case. The appearance of the swelling is common and its highest peak is shown during 48h after the end of the intervention.
  • The adjacent teeth can be temporarily sensitive.
  • In the corner of the lips, painful cracks can occur due to the stretching of the lips during the operation, but can be healed by using any nurturing lip oil.
  • A mild fever may occur in the first 24-48 hours.
  • Sometimes, a bruise appears in the area of the intervention.
  • It may be difficult to open mouth and chewing will not be as easy as usual.

If there is prolonged bleeding, inability to open mouth, high fevers and extremely large swellings must be reported to the clinic.


Implantology is a dental discipline based on oral surgery and dental prosthetics. It is focused on installing special dental replacements (implants) made of titanium. Implants can significantly improve the function of existing teeth or fully overtake their role. The precondition for implant installation is the specialist examinations that we perform here at Grey Dental, when rehabilitation begins. It is important to say that the process of implanting is painless. The grafting time in the upper jaw lasts for 3 months and in the lower jaw for 6 months.

Implanti Stomatologija
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Appointments are scheduled via phone
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