Orthodontics (Jaw Orthopedics) is a dental specialisation that is focused on diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities of teeth, jaw and facial features in children and adults.

The main benefits of the Orthodontic therapy are:

  • Correction of irregular shape of your bite.
  • Establishment of the correct function of your teeth and jaw.
  • Achieving a healthy and beautiful smile that fits your face more naturally.
  • Prevention of injuries of the most prominent teeth.
  • Improving the maintenance of your oral hygiene, for the long-term benefits.
  • Acceptance of new teeth and adjustance of jaw for toothless patients who will use prosthetic remedies and implants, and therefore extend their functionality and durability.

Always following and staying on top of the latest scientific achievements, we are able to offer you, our appreciated patient, the latest systems of orthodontic devices that will provide you with the most comfortable, painless and relatively short therapy that will result in eliminating the need for pulling the healthy teeth out.

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Types of Dental Appliances:

Mobile, plate-shaped Braces

They consist of an acrylic plate and wired elements. You, as a patient, put the braceson, as well as take it off all by yourself. Generally, it is worn between the age of 7 and 11, but it can also be worn as preparation for the future use of functional or fixed braces.

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Functional Braces

Their main function is the correction of irregularly-shaped bite. They can be:


  • Patient puts them on and takes them off by themselves. Ideally, it is worn during puberty although, in some cases, it can be worn as early as the age of 6-9 years old.
  • They are worn throughout the whole day and night, except during meals, sports activities and hygienic processes. Very often, it is necessary to continue this therapy by starting to wear fixed braces in order for teeth to achieve a proper posture in the long run.
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  • Fixed braces are used in combination with fixed elements (such as locks or brackets) in order to achieve correction of an irregular bite. They are usually worn during adolescence, as well as during the adulthood.
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Fixed braces

By using a special adhesive, the brackets are fixed to the teeth directly, so the patient cannot move them by themself. The usual therapy lasts from 9 months to 2 years unless, in rare cases, this time is prolonged due to rare teeth regularities that a patient had naturally.

By using the latest, highly sophisticated technology, a new generation of fixed devices have been created. They are smaller in size, less visible than before, and they reduce the overall length of the therapy.

We differentiate fixed braces based on the material from which they were made:

Metal brackets

  • Most commonly used in treatments for younger patients. Elastic fixed rubbers used to fixate the brackets can be made in different colors, which makes the braces look cheerful and interesting. Our patients have the freedom of choosing their own color and change them up as they like! This means that every new check-up appointment is a chance to choose a new color!

Aesthetical brackets

  • This type can be either plastic (matching the shade of patient’s teeth) or ceramic (transparent). Many patients prefer to have their braces as less visible as possible, and aesthetical braces give them the opportunity to smile confidently, as if there was not an appliance on their teeth!

Self-ligating brackets

  • Technologically speaking, these brackets are highly advanced and made from metal. They reduce friction and create a mild force on the teeth.
  • With this lock system, the therapy lasts shorter.
  • It is comfortable experience for the patient, and pain occurs less often than in other therapies.
  • The need for teeth removal is reduced.
  • It is easier to maintain oral hygiene of teeth.
  • Dentist check-ups last shorter.
  • Dentist check-ups are needed every 2-3 months.
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Every patient has the right to an examination and an accurate analysis of the state of his/her mouth and teeth. A therapy schedule is then planned out. Both are free of charge.
Urgent Cases
We offer immediate medical help to every patient with pain, swelling, etc.

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Appointments are scheduled via phone
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